What is VITA™ Profiling?

Have you ever had a conversation and wondered why it went so badly?  Or enjoyed a conversation that just seemed to flow with ease?

We all have a preferred communication style and the VITA™ Profiling system is a simple, quick and effective method to establish the communication style preferences for you and all those in your world.

There are many psychometric tools and personality profiling systems, all based, like VITA™ Profiling, on sound, scientific principles. However, what sets VITA™ Profiling apart from these established systems is what it DOESN'T try to do.

Most busy and hard working managers and leaders don't have the time to read through pages of deep psychological differences for every member of their team. They just want to know how to get to connect to or communicate effectively with those that work alongside them.  This is where the VITA™ Profiling system comes to the rescue.

How does it work?

A simple online questionnaire, with 10 sets of words that are ranked in preference order, produces a single page report that provides:-

  • Overview -  a brief description of the likely characteristics of the person who has completed the questionnaire.
  • Team Dynamics - how they will fit into a team and work with others
  • Working Environment - a description of the working environment that will suit them best.
  • Communication Style - an explanation of their preferences for how they wish to receive and give information.

Is it accurate?

Most tools of this nature are based on computer logarithms with standard text responses which rarely produce a highly accurate profile.

Every VITA™ Profile we produce is carefully written to pick out the nuances and specific combinations of characteristics in every set of responses to the questionnaire.  This produces profiles that our clients tell us are 95% accurate.

Your VITA™ Profile will be unique to you and whilst you'll be able to spot similarities and differences with others, you'll have a clear understanding of why you find it easy to communicate with some people and struggle with others.

Who is it for?

If you're looking for a highly detailed psychometric report that will review your behaviour from every angle and in every circumstance, then VITA™ Profiling won't suit you.

If however, you need to quickly understand your own preferred communication and behavioural style or that of your team, family or clients, then VITA™ Profiling is perfect for your needs.

It doesn't matter what market you operate in, the size of scale of your business or even if you simply want to understand your partner, VITA™ Profiling can provide the simple, one-stop solution.


Next Steps...

Feel free to take a look around our website to find out more about VITA™ Profiling and how it can help you or your business.  But if you're in a hurry, just click the 'contact us' button and leave your details - and we'll get back to you in a flash.