Here is a selection of potential questions you may have about our profiling system.  If you can't find the answer to your question here, please do contact us either via the contact form or call us directly - we love answering our clients questions!

What does 'VITA' mean?

'VITA' is a Latin word meaning 'life' and is often used in the extended version 'Vitae', used in Curriculum Vitae to provide a detailed explanation of a life or career.

What makes VITA different to other psychometric tools and personality profiling systems?

What sets VITA Profiling® apart from these established systems is what it DOESN'T try to do.

Our research has shown that over 96% of those that undertaken a psychometric test and received their report, found it very interesting and usually extremely accurate.  However, having digested the contents, they simply place it into a drawer or onto a shelf and carry on as they did before.

Then, if they are faced with reading through multiple pages of deep psychological differences for every member of their team, most busy and hard-working managers and leaders simply don't have the time to read the reports.  So they ignore them and carry on managing just as they did before. Nothing changes!

The essence and USP of VITA is it's brevity.  With no loss of accuracy, VITA simply provides a quick and easy way of knowing how to get along with your colleagues, friends or clients.  In two simple pages - one a visual representation (the VITA 'Graph') and one page of text, every manager or leader can quickly assess their team or colleagues and understand how they need to make changes to their communication and behavioural style to get the best from their relationship.

What's contained within a VITA profile report?

You will have completed an online or paper questionnaire, with 10 sets of words that are ranked in preference order. This then is used to produce a radar diagram and short report that provides:-

Overview - a brief description of your main characteristics.

Team Dynamics - how you are likely to fit into a team and work with others

Working Environment - a description of the working environment that will suit you best.

Communication Style - an explanation of your preferences for how you may wish to receive and give information.

What's VITA Lite?

This is a short, single page version of the VITA profile that simply uses your scores from the questionnaire and provides some generic descriptions.  This can be all that is needed at the first stages of recruitment and can be cost effective way of establishing key interview questions and areas to examine - depending on the requirements of  the role.

Is it accurate?

Most tools of this nature use standard text responses which rarely produce a highly accurate profile.

Every VITA Profile we produce is carefully reviewed to pick out the nuances and specific combinations of characteristics in every set of responses to the questionnaire. This produces profiles that our clients tell us are 98% accurate.

Your VITA Profile will be unique to you and whilst you'll be able to spot similarities and differences with others, you'll have a clear understanding of why you find it easy to communicate with some people and struggle with others.

What is the science behind VITA Profiling®?

Like many psychometric tools, VITA Profiling® is based on the research of Carl Gustav Jung where he identified four major psychological types - the extrovert sensing and intuitive, and the more introvert thinking and feeling. It also takes into account work by William Marston with his DISC theory (Dominance, Inducement, Submission and Compliance) and Insights Discovery (Red, Blue, Green Yellow).

VITA Profiling® takes account of all of these models and attempts to provide a briefer, more usable product that can be understood quickly with a simple, practical application.