The VITA Profiling® system is based around 4 character types:

The Visionaries (V): 
Visionaries are future focused, decisive, results orientated, driven and confident. Goals and achievement are important and getting things done.  They will want to lead and will often believe they know best. They may be blunt at times and be impatient. Avoid approaching Visionaries with too much detail or too much "fluffy" stuff about peoples feelings. Get to the point quickly and stick to the facts when talking to them.


The Investigators (I):
Invesigators are orderly individuals that prefer to reflect and think things through.  They can excel in finding logical solutions and making sense of situations. Systems, process and accuracy are important to them and they may be critical of others when they observe a lack of attention to detail. The big picture alone doesn't work for them - they want to have data and information. Be clear, calm and patient to get the best results from them.


The Team Makers (T):
Team Makers are caring, considerate and often the glue that hold teams together. Patient and kind, they are loyal and feeling orientated people that desire harmony and flow. They will avoid conflict and will always stand up for the team. Don't approach them too directly or aggressively and begin by asking how they feel. Be warm, friendly and interested to get the best from them.


The Adventurers (A):
Adventurers look to the future with optimism, inspiring others with ideas and acceptance of change. Having fun, enjoying an experience and being positive are important to them. They can get bored easily and follow through may be a challenge. Avoid approaching them with too much detail and do give them freedom to create and contribute ideas.

In reality, we all have a little bit of each character within our own personality but we will tend to lead with one or more of the characters.  This is what the world sees and by being aware of our lead character(s) we are able to  adjust and flex our style according to the  person we are engaging in conversation.

Vita Descriptions

The profiling tool examines your preferences to develop a picture of your communication and behavioural style.

It's important that the VITA Profile isn't used as a "label" or an excuse for our behaviour.  It simply helps us identify how we may be different to others and helps us flex and adapt our style when we are required to do so.